The laboratory is the heart of the plant. This is where the story of every drink you hold in your hand begins.

2 years before the first pack of coffee hit store shelves, our specialists began to study what consumers love and how to make a coffee that would be comparable to the taste of world leaders. And only after we found the answers to these questions, the construction of the plant began.

The laboratory accompanies the production of coffee and hot drinks continuously at every stage:
Formulation development

Laboratory personnel have all the necessary knowledge, technical resources and ideas to create flavours demanded by consumers. When entering new markets, we always study what is relevant in each individual region and, if necessary, adapt and improve existing products.

Creation and production of hot drinks and coffee blends

At the production stage, we strive to reveal each type of coffee in the best possible way. Correctly selected temperature and roasting time, grind and blend composition are just one of the secrets that allow customers to choose their product among the variety and really enjoy the coffee taste and aroma.

Control of each batch of finished product

We understand how important it is to meet customer expectations. After all, if you like a particular coffee, cocoa or chicory, you want to be sure that every next pack will give you the same taste. That is why the products go to the customer only after checking for compliance with the reference samples.

Selection of suppliers and control of each batch of purchased raw materials

We purchase raw materials from all over the world in order to create a wide range of coffees and hot drinks. Among our products, everyone will find a drink to their liking.