'AVD PRODUCTION' is a company with a full production cycle and expertise at all stages from the selection of raw material suppliers to the launch of brands on the market.


Purchase of raw materials from all over the world

This allows us to select only the best and most stable suppliers for our products and supply a wide range of coffees and hot drinks to the market.


Beans roasting takes place on two powerful roasters GIESEN and PROBAT.

The total capacity allows us to roast up to 5 tons of coffee daily. Similar roasters are used during production in Europe.

The process is automated. It minimizes errors and allows to achieve consistent coffee quality and taste.

Each type of beans is roasted individually, thanks to which the taste and aroma are revealed to the maximum.

Automated production

AVD Production uses the PETROCINI automated Italian production line. Computerization eliminates production errors and defects.

A closed production cycle allows preserving the taste of coffee, because we do not accumulate products in the warehouse.

Roasted beans is quickly ground and packed. That is why we can proudly say that you will always find freshly roasted and ground coffee in every pack.


We use the most popular types of packaging.

In 2012, the plant acquired a VOLPACK machine, unique in its power and productivity.

The high-performance OMAG machine packs products in the popular single-use sachet.

In 2020, our production base was replenished with a TME machine, which allows packing finished products into stable "stabilo" packs.